Our company opens new airways!
We supply products to the aerospace industry, constantly providing unmatched experience, expanding our product portfolio and striving to meet customers' needs.
Our main business is supplying new and used aircraft parts for helicopters and airplanes with full certification worldwide.
  • We buy, sell, repair spare parts for all models.
  • We are also looking for the necessary equipment to order.
  • Quick help in solving problems: purchase, sale, repair, delivery are our main advantages.
High quality of service is the basis of our company's marketing strategy.

We give special attention to each customer. If you need additional solutions in the field of flight services, our staff will advise you promptly and efficiently on your question.

One of the characteristics of the company is finding the best deals on the market. The latest business practices and cost optimization are also applied during the execution of the works. This puts us out of competition.

Thanks to the developed algorithms for selecting the equipment, preparing it for further operation, preparing documents and delivering them to the customer, we do everything in the shortest possible time.
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